PCB Design

This page contains information regarding how to design and manufacture Printed Circuit Boards. (PCBs)

Introduction to PCB Design

If you are interested in learning about PCB Design, then this is the place for you!

To get started, read the attached article “PCB Design Tutorial” by David L. Jones. It’s a very nice general-purpose guide that is not specific to any one platform.

Robotics Club Contacts

Included here is a list of people who can be contacted for help with PCBs. Please note, these are all busy engineers who already have lots going on. OSURC policy says that these people have no problem helping you with OSURC-related designs, but for everything else, they reserve the right to charge for their services (or refuse entirely). Please ask the individual student for more information.

Jorian Bruslind ECE Club President bruslinj@oregonstate.edu

Miscellaneous PCB Design Information

SMT / SMD Component Packages Overview

Hackaday post on PCB Manufacturing

PCB Quoter (PCB Shopper)

PCBWay (5$ for 10 - 10x10cm boards, cheapest we can find)

Altium Designer Tips and Tricks

Contributors to this page: Jorian Bruslind Nick McComb

http://kb.osurobotics.club/uploads/Altium_Symbol_Naming_Convention.pdf http://kb.osurobotics.club/uploads/PCBDesignTutorialRevA.pdf

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