Professional PCB Manufacturing Sources

Contributors: Corwin Perren, Nick McComb, Jorian Bruslind

Officer Top Picks


Nick: They’re simple, cheap, and quality (compared to some others). China-based.

PCBWay (great educational discounts, including FREE PCBs for students)

Nick: Definitely solid PCB House. China-based. Currently my go-to. Jorian: Cheapest boards I can find for under 10x10 cm. So far have had no errors in production, definitely recommend


Nick: Lowest end of USA-based fabs. You pay for it being in the US, but it is also very affordable. You pay about the same as the China-based fabs, except you only get 3 instead of 10. You pay by the square inch, so small boards are really good to get here (instead of the tiers that DF Robot and PCBWay have).

Advanced Circuits

Nick: Advanced Circuits is one of the largest PCB Manufacturers in the US. If you need it manufactured, they’ll do it for you. Up to 60 layers, 20oz copper, etc. You pay for it, however. They are very spendy compared to the others on this list, but they definitely provide quality.

Main Site Barebones PCB

33 Each

Other Sources List 1, List 2, List 3

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